Concrete faux finish for Imperia new condominiums, Place des Arts

Here is another important faux-finish contract carried out by Les Créations Jean Pronovost, 1500 square feet of ceilings were painted in more than 15 new condos in the Imperia project at Place des Arts. The ceilings which had previously been poured in concrete had much darker sections due to the use of another type of concrete. Les Créations Jean Pronovost had to make color matches and find an appropriate technique and materials to achieve this challenge, we can see below the photos of 3 of these condos before and after the faux finish intervention. The construction promoter had given us the objective of painting a faux finish which allows a glimpse of the old textures typical of concrete but which is very close to the colors of the rest of the slab.

In these photos we can see before the intervention and after the faux-finish intervention, the result is astonishing, it’s unbelievable, you really have to look closely to see that there has been there a false finish.


Below we see two other ceilings which were repainted with a faux-finish technique that Jean Pronovost developed especially for this project where he had to paint the ceilings of more than 15 new condos located right next to Place de Art.


The photos below were taken during the construction and show the enormity of the project and the extent of the work done by the painter Jean Pronovost, more than 2000 square feet were finely painted with a complex and very technical faux finish. Another exceptional project that is a source of pride and contributes to the reputation of excellence of Créations Jean Pronovost.