airbrush portrait on Motorcycle

Montreal painter Jean Pronovost painted this airbrush portrait on the rear wing of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This motorcycle airbrush project was made for a client who wanted to have the painted portrait of his little son on his bike.

Here we see the modified bike before the start of the airbrush project.

In this photo we can appreciate all the details of the portrait of the child painted with airbrush on the customer’s bike, nothing was left to chance and each of the features of the child were painted so that it is not only recognizable, but was painted hyper-realistically with airbrush. Jean Pronovost continues, even after 25 years, to paint with the same passion.

The airbrush portrait created by the Montreal artist Jean Pronovost is now complete; all that remains is to apply the varnish to the spray gun.

The varnish is now dry, we see that the depth and contrast of the paint have increased, the painted portrait with airbrush is now protected from the elements.