Design au airbrush sur moto sport

This Japanese sport motorcycle of the Kawasaki Ninja type is now unique in the world; Creations Jean Pronovost who specializes in vehicle customization with the airbrush took up the challenge of transforming this Motorcycle and making it much more dynamic with tribal patterns that follow the sport motorcycle lines.

Here the Motorcycle is finished and freshly varnished; Jean Pronovost created a custom design and painted it with a gun in a bright red so that it stands out against the black background painting. We notice that the design follows the shapes of the bike with elegance and gives it a more aggressive character, it adds a lot to the aesthetics of the sport bike.

airbrush motorcycle

In this three-quarter photo we can see how the airbrush painted design accentuates the shape of the bike and makes it much more dynamic, this design has given it a clean and original personality.

airbrush quebec

The motorcycle’s tank is in the paint chamber during the varnishing stage, we can clearly see here the airbrush design married to the tank shapes with a unique organic tribal.

Another piece of the bike finished here is in the varnishing stage, all the pieces must be disassembled for the painting stage, which means that the design must be traced from the start of the project so that there is no room for error.

airbrush canada

Here is a photo of the motorcycle before the customization work. Beautiful but not original as it will get.

before custom airbrush