Exterior airbrush mural for the Aquarium du Québec

Here we see Quebec painter Jean Pronovost in front of the exterior mural he made for the Aquarium du Québec. The mural painted with the airbrush was realized in less than a week, the artist is here at his 3rd day of work.

mural, airbrush mural, exterior mural

The exterior mural painted with airbrush is now finished, the bright colors and movement of the jellyfish are the reasons why the model was accepted by the Quebec aquarium during the selection process, as several artists submitted their files. Indeed, the model, the concept and the whole of the mural was conceived by the Creations Jean Pronovost.

mural, exterior mural, airbrush mural

Here we see the mural painted in more detail, bright and complementary colors, are very attractive and will attract attention to the building of the fishery which was originally rather ugly because the building in question was the constant prey of the vandals .
Now the building of the fishery, transformed by the mural, is an integral part of the aesthetic and renewal of the Champlain promenade.

airbrush mural, mural, extrior mural

On this detail of the exterior mural we see that the colors of the jellyfish have been amplified to make the mural more attractive from far because the painter Jean Pronovost took into account that the mural was going to be seen by motorists and walkers On the other side of Boulevard Champlain.

mural, exterior mural

We see here that the building of the fishery on which the exterior mural was painted is very close to the Pont de Québec. Indeed one can appreciate the mural since this one. The promenade Samuel de Champlain, which is an oasis in the city, is now embellished by this beautiful living and colorful mural.

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