External mural

In the summer of 2009, the city of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville contacted Créations Jean Pronovost to create a gigantic external mural of 70 by 20 feet. This extravagant project was realized on the Montreal Bank of St-Bruno. It was acclaimed by the population during its inauguration on august 31st 2009. The art of the mural brought an important asset for culture and an innovating beauty to the city.

Murale extérieure

Here we see the finished external mural. The painting, filled with vivid and warm colors, representing summertime is guaranteed for 5 years against bad weather. In fact, Créations Jean Pronovost used the best materials and techniques to execute this grand project from the preparation of the surface to the final varnishing. The mural is a reproduction of an oil painting by Mme Godbout. She won the contest resulting in the reproduction as an external mural.

Murale extérieure

Here we see the external mural in its country-style context. It easily melt in its surrounding and makes a huge difference compared to the original gloomy concrete surface.

On this picture, we can see the muralist Jean Pronovost on scaffolding executing the finishing touch of the mural with his Iwata airbrush. In fact, this type of external mural requires top-of-the-line means and techniques for an optimal longevity.

Here we see the mural in progress. The basic colors were painted and will provide a stable base for the remaining of the piece.

Here is the original concrete wall before it was transformed as a mural

Peinture originale de Colette Godbout

Here is the oil painting by Colette Godbout whish was the model for the external mural. This painting was conceived to the scale of the wall on which the mural was executed.

Here is the recommendation letter written by the district chief of culture and community life of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Mr Jean Pronovost
Les CRÉATIONS JEAN PRONOVOSTMr.The City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville requested your service for the execution of a 70 by 20 feet mural during the summer of 2009.  We wish to advise you of our profound satisfaction toward your work as well as our thanks.  You and your team demonstrated an exceptional professionalism in spite of the numerous obstacles facing the realization of the mural.Your competences, remarkable artistic qualities, patience and diligence with which you executed the mural make you an unparalleled muralist.  We warmly recommend your services to whoever wished to acquire a mural.For any other reference, please communicate with me.

Yours sincerely,

Helene Vanier
District chief, culture and community life
City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Jean Pronovost à la cérémonie d'innauguration de la murale extérieure de St-Bruno

Picture of the external mural inauguration with the mayor of St-Bruno. The muralist explains the necessary steps to achieve this kind of project in front of the audience.

Le muraliste Jean Pronovost, la peintre Colette Godbout et le maire de ST Bruno pose ici devant la murale extérieure.

The muralist Jean Pronovost, painter Colette Godbout and the mayor of St-Bruno are posing in front of the external mural.

Three newspaper excerpt from St-Bruno explaining the work and mission of Jean Pronovost as well as the necessary steps for the realization of the project.

L'artiste Jean Pronovost devant la murale extérieur en couverture de l'hebdomadaire Les Versants de St-Bruno

The muralist Jean Pronovost posing in front of the mural

Article sur la murale extérieure réalisée par Jean Pronovost : Cliquez sur l'image pour pouvoir lire l'article

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Article sur la murale extérieure réalisé par l'artiste peintre muraliste Jean Pronovost