Ford Lincoln mural on a marble curtain

Murale au airbrush sur un rideau de bille de zinc pour Ford Lincoln

For the promotion of their new car model, Ford Lincoln hired « Les Créations Jean Pronovost » for the creation of an airbrush painting on a zinc marbles curtain. The curtain, as we can see on the picture, appears behind the vehicle. This promotion of the new Lincoln model is presented at Place-des-Arts metro until May before the launching of another vehicle. The new promotion will also be accompanied by this airbrush painting on a marble curtain.

Logo de Lincoln réalisé à l’aérographe sur les rideaux de bille

On this photo taken at Place-des-Arts metro, we can see the detail of the Lincoln logo created using airbrush on the marbles curtain. We can notice that the logo is visible although transparent.

L’artiste québécois Jean Pronovost devant la murale qu’il a réalisé pour Lincoln.

Quebec artist Jean Pronovost in front of the mural created for Lincoln.