La Ronde

La Ronde, a mythical amusement park located on Île Sainte-Hélène in Montreal, once again called on Créations Jean Pronovost for an embellishment project.

Indeed, the painter Jean Pronovost had to do the mural of the theater for children in the Pays de Ribambelle, and its console. The theme being to make the theater a decorative element that is part of an enchanted forest, Jean Pronovost had to paint the 2 buildings giving them a whimsical appearance as if it were made of wood. Painted with airbrush, the mural makes the scene look like a fairy tale and now will be the delights of young and old alike.


Below, we see photos of the airbrush mural in progress, after painting the walls of the 2 buildings with a paint gun for base color, the painter and airbrush specialist Jean Pronovost carried out the rest of the mural free handing with airbrush the vein of the wood and thus make the rather ordinary buildings into an extraordinary and whimsical place. The actors of the Ribambelle scene can now be even more inspired and enchanted, young and old alike who visit Le pays de Ribambellein La Ronde.