Mythological mural fresco

Les Créations Jean Pronovost are proud to show you their new murals infused with mythology. This mural project was realised for a private residence, consisting of two separate painting installed on a wall and the second on a cathedral ceiling. Both murals were reproduction of works by Tiepolo, a grand Italian master. Following the client decision, the murals were created using airbrush, but could also have been painted using oil paint or acrylic.

Fresque murale, anges et chérubins

Here we can see the finished mural, the other panes of the ceiling were painted using airbrush : clouds were executed to prolonged the sky and cherubs were added. This magnificent scene will then be perfected using gilded moulding which will surround the fresco.

murale mythologique exécutée à l’aérographe (airbrush)

Whole perspective of a mythological mural done using airbrush

Détail de la murale de « La noblesse et la vertu » exécutée au airbrush

Details from a mural done using airbrush, “La noblesse et la vertu”

murale « Bellérophon » inspirée de Jean-Baptiste Tiepolo

The « Bellérophon » mural fresco inspired by Jean-Baptiste Tiepolo.

The finished canvas was posed and set inside a gilded frame. Mythology and art here are taking back their honour.

Here we can see the creation process of the mural inside the workshop.

The fresco was first painted on a 15×6 foot canvas before being installed at the client location.

Bellérophon, murale peinte au airbrush peinte par l'artiste Jean Pronovost

The mural was completed in 3 days using airbrush. The 15×6 foot canvas is now ready to be brought to the client.

We can notice the richness and the vibrance of the colors which give a new life to this piece by Tiepolo. The colors visual reference on this painting named “Bellérophon” had suffered ageing.

Bellérophon chevauche pégase, détail d'une murale peinte au airbrush

Here we can see a detail of the airbrush painted mural.

Bellérophon is straddling Pegasus, the winged horse. This fantastic scene comes right from classic mythology.

Chimère peinte au airbrush, détail de la murale mythologique

This detail of the airbrush painted canvas represents the chimaira before perishing under Bellérophon’s dagger.

Le peintre Jean Pronovost devant un détail de cette murale faite au airbrush

The painter Jean Pronovost in front of a detail of this mural painted using airbrush. This mural is a reproduction from a piece by Tiepolo.

Reproduction de La Noblesse et la Vertu du maître italien Tiepolo

This piece exceptional for its colors but also its composition is another reproduction of Tiepolo, “La noblesse et la vertu”.

This fresco was created using airbrush on a 14×7 foot canvas ans was conceived for a cathedral ceiling.

L'artiste peintre montréalais Jean Pronovost devant la murale reproduction La Noblessse et la Vertu de Tiepolo

The painter Jean Pronovost in front of his mural, a reproduction by the grand master of painting, Tiepolo.

L'artiste peintre Jean Pronovost sur un échafaud devant la murale qu'il a peint au airbrush

The painter Jean Pronovost on a stepladder. This piece, painted on a canvas was recently installed on the ceiling. The canvas can be uninstalled if the client is moving.

Ange chérubin, détail de la mural peinte au plafond

This cherub is a detail of the mural installed on the ceiling. We can admire the warm tint and the volume of its body, the texture of the wings and the drapes.