Stargate airbrush mural made in Montreal

This mural represents the Stargate. It was painted on a 8×12 feet canvas. Once finished, this painting can be affixed on any wall.
The client can now simply choose a galaxy as a destination and go through the Stargate.

Creations Jean Pronovost mission is to make any dreams come true!

Stargate airbrush mural made in Montreal

The fresco is now finished. We can appreciate the lights and the details in the Stargate’s dial.

Jean Pronovost in front of the Stargate mural he painted with an airbrush in is workshop in Montreal

On this picture, Jean Pronovost is standing in front of the Stargate’s mural he created using airbrush.

Here are the details of the finishing touches of his airbrushed mural.

Airbrush mural workshop

The mural is taking shape. The last plane is practically done and the aquatic texture in the middle of the Stargate is completed. The airsbrush is a tool which helps getting realistic results.

Stargate airbrush mural airbrushed by Jean Pronovost

The mural is nearly finished. Last details are done with a hanbrush, except certain figures which were stencilled.

We can appreciate the geometric shapes, the textures and the shading. The last details took several hours of concentration, but isn’t it the price to pay to travel towards foreign galaxies?