To all motorcycle aficionados, Jean Pronovost’s experience as a painter and sculptor gives you the opportunity to imagine for your Harley Davidson or Asian motorcycle what the best paint shops cannot hope to offer. Working on metal as well as on fibre glass, Jean Pronovost can embellish, repaint and even recast motorcycle’s parts for a truly customized look. You will be astounded by his talent, imagination and know how in this specialized field.

Airbrush portraits on a motorcycle tank

Artist Jean Pronovost was approached to do this special project. Indeed, it was a question of making a very realistic family portrait; the 5 young childrens were to be painted on the motorcycle gasoline tank to symbolically bring company to the customer during his future trips.

Design au airbrush sur moto sport

This Japanese sport motorcycle of the Kawasaki Ninja type is now unique in the world; Creations Jean Pronovost who specializes in vehicle customization with the airbrush took up the challenge of transforming this Motorcycle and making it much more dynamic with tribal patterns that follow the sport motorcycle lines.

Harley HECATE airbrush

This airbrush project on a Harley motorcycle was very very interesting for Creations Jean Pronovost. The client’s only demand was for the bike design to be as close as possible of one of Jean Pronovost sculptures, Hecate, based on a ancient greece goddess. Here’s the front wing of the Harley….

Airbrushed flames (fire) on custom bike (Harley) in Montreal

This flames work was airbrushed by Jean Pronovost at his artist workshop in Montreal. The client wanted to enhance his original bike paint job with a custom design. The flames were painted with an airbrush over a period of 3 days. As we can see on the pictures below the…

Harley Davidson wing with snake skin airbrush

The front wing of this Harley Davidson bike was totally repainted by Jean Pronovost in 1999 for an individual from Quebec City. To get this eye-catching result, each piece was airbrushed with candy and pearl urethane paints.

Tribal style airbrushed gas tank

Harley Davidson motorcycle’s gas tank airbrushed in a tribal style, the skulls and the fluid lines were designed to infuse the bike with a sense of movement.

Custom alligator Harley Davidson

Modified in 1998 for a customer located in Quebec City, Jean Pronovost customized the front and back wing as well as the quick start of this Harley Davidson motorcycle. The cast of an alligator was made with polyester resins and fibre glass, airbrushed in a very realistic manner, and incorporated…

Harley Davidson gas tank with an airbrushed nude woman on the beach

Harley Davidson’s gas tank airbrushed with a painting of the bike owner’s wife. The realism and accuracy of the rendering of this nude, demonstrates the range and mastery of Jean Pronovost’s talent whatever the subject. This painting surprised even the customer, who marvelled at the detail in the painting, right…

Eagle airbrush

A bald eagle was painted on a Harley Davidson’s fairing. The wings, feathers and head of the eagle were reproduced with great precision. This eagle, symbol of freedom, will guide its passenger toward his new adventures. Hyperrealistic eagle airbrushed on a motorcycle tank. A perfect example of custom work Jean…