• Sphinx

  • Bacchante

  • Cosmophore

  • Joker

  • Stargate

  • Dieux de la danse

  • Gold’s Gym

  • Hecate

  • Aquarium

  • Tiepolo

Muralist, painter, artist, sculptor and airbrush specialist.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For more than 25 years, painter, sculptor and muralist, Jean Pronovost, has been living in Montreal, providing specialized and custom-made art for companies and individuals throughout the province of Quebec, Canada and internationally. He specializes in design, ornamentation, decoration and the transformation of interior & exterior spaces.

Jean Pronovost is skilled in the use of all types of paints, from oil to urethane, working with a multitude of materials, such as wood, fiberglass and resins. He can work on projects of any scale, from small to very large; a multi-disciplinarian, he can adapt any project to your specific needs – frescos, traditional murals, airbrushed murals, custom designs, patinas, faux-finishes, trompe-l’oeil, hyper-realism, sculpture, casting etc. Jean Pronovost and his knowledgeable, experienced team can realize any project limited only by your imagination.

Jean Pronovost also provides innovative casting and airbrush services for motorcycles, installation art for bars & and art work for special effects within the movie industry.

Airbrush classes are now offered in Montreal city, Quebec, Canada.

The artwork, displayed on this site, is testament to the expertise, professionalism and of the diverse abilities of Les Creations Jean Pronovost. Enjoy your visit!