Wounded Warrior large plaque – ancient greek sculpture

Sculpture grècque - sculpture Montréal

This marvelous antique sculpture is a reproduction made from another sculpture from the east part of the Alphaia Temple in the city of Egine. It represents Laomedon, a wounded warrior. It was originally done in marble in 480 B.C. in the late classical period

Reproduction de sculpture ancienne de qualité musée

The details of the muscles are very precise. We can see the wounded warrior holding on his shield. He still holds his sword steadfastly.

Weight: 80 Lb. (36 kg)
Dimensions: W: 37.25″ (0.95m) H: 25″ (0.63m) D: 6.25″ (0.16m)

Price: $979


Athena Nike Parapet Frieze

The parapet relief was created late during the Peloponnesian war (circa 410 BCE).

The craftsmanship of the relief is exquisite and reveals a change in focus from the human anatomy and narrative structure to a more formal preoccupation with line and contrast as the fabric twists and turns more in order to create an impression, and less to realistically describe physical events. In this sense, the figures of Nike derive their meaning and importance from ornamentation and flair. Perhaps the relief was meant to be a distraction for the brutal reality of the enduring war, or simply the enchantment with the accurate representation of the figure had run its course and new aesthetic concepts were explored. In any case, the relief sculptures of the parapet of the temple of Athena Nike can be seen as a prelude to the later stylistic conventions of Hellenistic art.

Nike Adjusting her Sandal is a characteristic example of this new developments with the depiction of the transparent drapery that not only reveals the body underneath in all its glory, but it also implies the development of artists who, having mastered human anatomy look forward to unexplored ways to use the figure as an expressive medium, and to exhibit their aptitude.

Weight: 40 lbs (plaster) 15 lbs (resin)
dimension: W: 20″(51cm) H:41″(104cm) D: 3″(8cm)

Price: 450$



Life size bust of Homer

Homer the ancient Greeks author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two epic poems which are the central works of ancient Greek literature. The Iliad is set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy by a coalition of Greek states. It focuses on a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles lasting a few weeks during the last year of the war. The Odyssey focuses on the journey home of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, after the fall of Troy.

Weight: 15 lbs (plaster) 5 lbs (resin)
dimension: W: 9″(23cm) H:13″(33cm) D: 6″(15cm)

Price: 180$


Bacchus-Dionysus large plaque

bas relief de Baccus, sculpture et decoration de jardin et de fontaine

This splendid large plaque is straight out greek mythology and represents Bacchus. He is the God of grapevine, wine, its excess, and also theater and tragedy. He is a social god whose influences are beneficial. He is a promoter of civilisations, legislator and lover of peace..

He is the son of Zeus and the mortal Semele. He’s part of the twelve Olympians, though he doesn’t live in Olympus; he is a travelling God.

This exceptional sculpture represents the God from Thrace with his attributes from greek tragedy. Its traits are very strong. He wears a headdress decorated with a vine leaf and grapes.

This plaque has a greenish burnt sienna patina, but many types of patina are possible. Depending on the needs the sculpture can also be made in cement. It will then keep the same details but can be installed outside. It can also be done in resin for interior or exterior.

sculpture de baccus, deoration de parc , decoration exterieur, sculpture ancienne

Detail of the Baccus sculpture

Weight: 40  Lbs. (plaster)
Dimensions: W: 32.5″(83cm) H: 40″(100 cm) D: 5″ (13 cm)

Price: $460.00


The Baccantes

bacchante sculpture low relief, decorative sculpture, garden decoration

The Bacchantes were mainly women (but they were also male Bacchants) who celebrated the mysteries of Dionysos-Bacchus. The first who carried this name were the nurturing nymphs of Bacchus who followed him in his conquest of India. They ran everywhere, dishevelled, half-naked or covered with tigers’ pelt, the head crowned with ivy, thyrse in their hands, dancing and filling the air with discordant screams. They frequently repeated the scream of Evoe, to remember the triumph of Bacchus over the Giants.

Their celebration, the bacchanals, was celebrated in Greece, Egypt and mainly in Rome. Euripide, in the tragedy of the Bacchants, left a detailed description of Dionysos’ servants, when they celebrate the mystery of this God, prey to a furious extasy.

Weight: 40 Lb. (plaster)
Dimensions: W: 32.5″(83cm) H: 40″(100 cm) D: 5″ (13 cm)

Price: $460.00


Atlante that represent hercule with a lion pelt.

hercule sculpture , atlante, outdoor sculpture, ancient sculpture

In architecture an Atlante or Telamon is a male variant of Cariatide. Supporting an entablature on its head ore replacing a column, a pillar or a pilaster.

Hercule, who’s first name was Alcide, son of Zeus and Alcmene, is one of the most cherished hero of ancient Greece. Greek mythology attributes him several adventures all around the world. Known by the Doriens and in all of Mediterranean sea since the expansion of Greece, right to the depth of Hell. His most famous exploits are the 12 labours. He is mentioned in greek literature since Homer. The Atlante can be finished with a variety of faux finish which will enhance its details. It can also be gilded.

cariatide de hercule, sculpture de hercule, decoration exterieur, sculpture ancienne

Here’s a detail of the Atlante showing the muscle structure, the bearded face and the lion’s pelt on Hercule’s body.

Hercules Caryatid Bracket 26″

Dimensions: 8″W x 5″D x 26″H (20cm x 13cm x 66cm)

Period: Roman Imperial (1st-4th century A.D.)



Half Corynthian Column Capital

architectural capitals and bases, classical Greco-roman capital , greek capitals for sale, quebec ornemental  greek column and sculpture

From its sitting inspired by the shape of the acanthus leaf to its square base, the Corinthian column is the quintessence of classical beauty and grace.

Remarkably, in 3000 years, it never lost its syle. It became an art object for a modern setting while staying a historical reference.

It is possible, with this classical Greco-roman capital   to produce corynthinne columns with a variable height depending on the projectTake 4 corinthians bases and you have 4 legs for a sophisticated table. Take 2 to create a sitting for a low table or only one to use as the base of a sculpture or to support a falling plant.

classical Greco-roman capital , architectural capitals and bases, ornemental greek and ancient sculpture, classic sculpture, corynthian column for sale canada

Here’s the corinthian’s capital seen in ¾ m. The base can be sold in half and then set on a wall or fixed on it.

The architectural capitals and bases designed by Creations Jean Pronovost are made ​​reinforce fiberglass resin that can withstand summer and winter outdoor or indoor. it is waterproof and white by default, they can also be painted with a faux finish or gold leaf.
The price will go down if you order more than one.

Weight:70 Lb.

Dimensions: W: 29 H: 28″ D: 13″ ( 74 cm x 71 cm x 33 cm)

Price: $3200.00


Rectangular corynthian capital

corynthian rectangular capital for sale, greek capital for sale in quebec, outdoor capital for sale

Here’s the front of another Corinthian capital. Smaller, it has a rectangular base, which is perfect for a rectangular Corinthian column or a sitting for a shelf.

corynthian capital for sale in quebec, greek capital canada, outdoor decoration quebec

3/4 view on the corynthian rectangular capital .

The architectural capitals and bases designed by Creations Jean Pronovost are made ​​reinforced fiberglass resin that can withstand summer and winter outdoor or indoor. it is waterproof and white by default, they can also be painted with a faux finish or gold leaf.
The price will go down if you order more than one.

Weight:18 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 16″ H: 12″ P: 8″ ( 74 cm x 71 cm x 33 cm)

Price-: $600.00


Corynthian Column Capital

sculpture grecque, colonne corynthienne.

Here’s another model of Corinthian column. Smaller, it can be used as a sitting for a low table or for a column with a smaller radius.

weight:40 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 17″ H: 20″ P:17″ ( 43 cm x 51 cm x 43 cm)

Price: $800.00


Ionic capital

base ionique, sculpture grecque decorative montreal

Here’s an ionic style plate in volute. It can be placed on top of a column or simply used as a the base of a sculpture or a plant.

weight:40 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 20″ H: 9″ P:20″ ( 51 cm x 23 cm x 51 cm)

Price: $200.00


Greek Column

colonne grecque, sculpture quebec

Here’s the base and the beginning of a column. It can be used to support an ionic or Corinthian style column. It can also be used as a pedestal for a sculpture or a plant.

weight:40 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 19″ H:30″ P:19″ ( 48 cm x 76 cm x 48 cm)

Prix: $850.00


Doric Capital

colonne grecque, sculpture quebec

Here’s the square base of the Doric column. It’s possible to create authentic Doric column with the capital and the base. Be it for your home or a film set, Créations Jean Pronovost can make your wildest dreams come true.

weight:20 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 20″ H: 9″ P:20″ ( 51 cm x 23 cm x 51 cm)

Price: $120


Stylised mural support with achantus leaf

support mural decoratif avec feuille d'acanthe, sculpture montreal

This superb mural support inspired by the acanthus leaf. In Greek mythology, Acanthus (Akantha) was a nymph. Apollon (Solar God) wanted to kidnap her and she scratched his face. In retaliation, he transformed her in a thorny plant which love the sun, carrying this name.

The acanthus leaf is a characteristic ornament of the Corinthian’s order capitals

weight:18 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 8″ H:16″ P:7″ ( 20 cm x41 cm x 18 cm)

Price: $155


Greco-Romain ornemented column

colnne decorative, colonne greque ornée, sculpture, moulage montreal

This column have ornamented pattern in its wholeness, it features a scene with antiquity character. details are finely carved.

conne decorative montreal, colonne grecque montreal

here we can appreciate the details of the column

weight: 30 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 9,5″ H:30″ P:9,5″ ( 24 cm x76 cm x 24 cm)

Price: $375


Antique vase is decorated with two rams heads

vase decoratif avec belier, decoration montreal, sculpture quebec

We can see the details of the ram’s head. This ornamentation adds the symbolism of strength and perseverance.

This fantastic antique vase is decorated with two rams’ heads is here shown in plaster, but it can also be covered in patina or painted with a faux-finis of semi-precious gem like the lapis lazuli and decorated with gold leafs on both heads. An infinite variety of colors and effects can be created.

weight: 15 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 10″ H:18″ P:10″ ( 25 cm x46 cm x 25 cm)

Price: $275


Bracket with lion head

support de tablette avec lion, braquette ornée de lion, bracket with lion.

Here’s a magnificent mural support representing the Lion, king of animals, and its strenght, nobility and courage.

ornemented bracket with lion, sculpture lion , moulage quebec

Front viw of the bracket

weight: 18 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 6″ H:12″ P:14″ ( 25 cm x46 cm x 25 cm)

Price: $180


Mural of a stylized lion

sculpture de lion, lion sculpture, sculpture animaliere, animal sculpture quebec

Here’s a mural of a stylized lion. The lion holds first place in wildlife’s ornaments. Courageous, its nobility ensures since Antiquity the title of King of the animals. Its majestic posture and brute strength made him the guard of temples’ entrance.

This sculpture can be made in plaster, resin or cement for outside.

weight: 6 Lb.

Dimensions: L: 10″ H:12″ P:5″ ( 30 cm x25 cm x 13 cm)

Price: $99