Jaguar attacking a crocodile

Sculpture jaguar renaissance - boutique sculpture Montréal, Québec, Canada

Here’s a magnificent animal sculpture inspired by the Renaissance. It represents a leopard attacking a crocdile. We can appreciate the sculpture’s superb composition which literally spin on itself.

This monumental sculpture fit perfectly on a doric style column seen below and be set at eyes’ height to decorate the front part of a house or embellish a garden.

Sculpture antique, ancienne renaissance, décorative - Jaguar, crocodile

Here’s the detail of the sculpture in all its subtleties, from the muscles of the leopard to the crocodile’s skin. The exotism and beauty of this sculpture is astonishing.

Sculpture antique Montréal

The composition of the sculpture evokes the Piazza Navona and the work of Bernin in the center of Rome.

Material : Resin and fiberglass

Weight: 65 Lb. (29.5 kg)
Dimensions: W: 14″ (0.36m) H: 38″ (0.97m) D: 27″ (0.69m)

Price: $3800


Wonderfull Shell Plaque from Renaissance

decorative shell plaque, decorative sculpture, sculpture Quebec, plaster decoration

This magnificent ornemental plaque come from the most interesting artistic period in French history. Under the influence of the Italian renaissance, this type of mural evolved and gave us this beautiful plaque inspired by seashells.

decorative shell plaque, shell ornament, decorative sculpture canada

Details of this wonderfull ornemental plaque inspired by sea shell

Weight: 12 Lb.

Dimensions: W: 22.25″ H: 14″ D: 1.5″ ( 56 cm x 36 cm x 4 cm)

Price: $170.00


Rococo ornement

decorative rococo low relief, ornemental renaissance sculpture Quebec Canada

From Rococo style, this mural plaque is loaded in shapes and volumes. Rich volutes are strewed with cherbus holding the seashells and floral motifs. This plaque can then be covered with a patina or gilded with gold leaf, depending on your taste.

Weight: 20 Lb.

Dimensions: W: 26 H: 16″ D: 3″ ( 66 cm x 41 cm x 8 cm)

Price: $220.00