Airbrush customized prosthesis

Airbrush prosthesis - Airbrush Montreal

Here is a special contract. Indeed, it is the phoenix rising from the ashes to decorate a prosthesis. This symbol of resurrection is painted by airbrush in a contrasting and bright way, many details have been finely painted to give the effect of this rich and colorful project.

Airbrush customized prosthesis - Airbrush Montreal

Here we see the same project from another angle, this photo shows the transition of the Phoenix to a family of roses, representing parents and children.
This transition shows the movement of the phoenix with the effects of fire and smoke.

Airbrush customized prosthesis - Airbrush Montreal

One can see in this picture a bouquet made of roses airbrushed and retouched with a brush. The green is vibrant because it is the complement of red and we can also notice more yellow light behind of the rose, which reinforce the symbolism.