Airbrush on a truck

Airbrush on a truck - Airbrush Montreal

The airbrush on this truck was made by Montreal painter and sculptor Jean Pronovost during the TV show Trucs et Cie hosted by Josee Turmel and Alain Dumas (Canal V). He did the airbrush live during the show. You can see the broadcast by watching the video on the presentation page of the site. The medusa, a mythical greek creature, was painted using airbrush on the truck with wings and snakes has attributes. The airbrush was made with tones grey to avoid a too strong contrast with the metallic grey of the vehicle. A varnish was then applied on the vehicle after the airbrush was finished.

Airbrush on an automotive

We see the details of the medusa airbrushed by Jean Pronovost. We can appreciate the subtle effects of the hair and the texture of the snakes made using freehand technique.