Airbrush painting on leather jacket – Ozzy Osbourne « The Ultimate Sin »

Peinture au airbrush sur manteau de cuir - Ozzy Osbourne, « The   Ultimate Sin »

Airbrush painting on leather jacket inspired by the Ozzy Osbourne album cover « The Ultimate Sin ». The original piece was faithfully reproduced using airbrush. Notice the quality of the characters’ detail as well as the vibrant colors.

Airbrush manteau de cuire Ozzy

Airbrushed leather jacket by Montreal artist Jean Pronovost

Détail de la pochette du disque Ultimate Sin d'Ozzy Osbourne   reproduite au airbrush sur un manteau de cuire

Detail from Ozzy Osbourne « The ultimate sin » album cover reproduced with an airbrush on a leather coat by the Montreal airbrush artist Jean Pronovost.