Airbrush painting on recycling containers

Airbrush painting on 40 yards containers for RCI Environnement, the most important recycling and garbage disposal enterprise in Quebec. To help increase the consciousness of the population toward recycling, three containers were painted using airbrush. Those sympathetic pieces encourage and entertain the recyclers during festivals.

Conteneur à recyclage peint au air brush

Here, we see Fred, the recycler. Painted using an airbrush, the comic book esthetic and lively colors catch the eyes and please the children as well as the adults. We can notice the greenery hair installed to help resists elements while being detachable for transport.

Conteneur à recyclage décoré au airbrush

This container took the appearance of Zoé, the recycler by using airbrush. Friendly and covered with flowers, she also promotes recycling.

Conteneur à recyclage peint au airbrush

Conteneur à recyclage