Custom airbrush painting on a wakeboard

Custom airbrush painting Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is a very original 60th anniversary gift. The son-in-law of the man pictured on the wakeboard offered him this gift. Unbeknownst to him, his son-in-law chose a photo and asked Quebec painter Jean Pronovost to paint him using airbrush on a wakeboard, his favourite sport. We see on the picture the meticulous work of the artist who was able to reproduce all the details of this picture as well as adding complex lettering to adorn the painting made using airbrush.

Airbrush Montreal

We can see on this picture the face and details of this painting made using airbrush by Montreal artist Jean Pronovost on a wakeboard. The 20 years strong experience of Jean Pronovost in this field gives him the possibility to achieve any projects on any surfaces.

Custom airbrush painting Montreal

The letterings and the waves on the background adds a lot to the artistry of this project. The lettering and all the painting was made using airbrush. We can appreciate the finesse of the letters and the effects of the compostion, the movement and depth of the water really underlines the character in front.