Iron Maiden motorcycle helmet

Airbrush Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast - Airbrush Montreal

This airbrush project was a challenge due to the details. The cover of the Iron Maiden’s album The Number of the Beast had to be faithfully reproduced.

We can appreciate all the details and complexity of the work done with airbrush on this german helmet. The client, a fan of the band, was without any doubt very satisfied.

We can really see all the details on this picture, the hair, the lightning bolts and the gargoyles flying around Eddie. Everything’s there.

Airbrush Montreal - Iron Maiden Number of the beast

We see on this angle the musculation, the lighting bolts and the flames bursting out of the helmet, all with great precision.

The Number of the beast - Airbrush helmet moto Montreal

Behind the helmet is the original lettering of the album The Number of the Beast with lighting bolts, done with airbrush.