Royo airbrush reproduction (women portrait) Montreal

Royo airbrush reproduction made in Montreal

Montreal artist Jean Pronovost, during an airbrush class for two of his students, perfectly reproduced this work by the famous Spanish painter Luis Royo entitled “Sodom’Princess”. This performance was entirely executed using airbrush. Jean Pronovost demonstrates in this advanced portrait class his absolute mastery of airbrush painting. The teaching of airbrush is a priority for Créations Jean Pronovost. The international reputation acquired during the last few years had for consequence an impressive number of students from all around the world travelling to Montreal to learn airbrush.

Airbrush painting Montreal

On this picture, we can appreciate all the beauty of this reproduction. We can also observe that a good handling of this magical tool, Jean Pronovost is able to share his knowledge of airbrush to his students. But remember, the mastery of airbrush requires accuracy and a real motivation from the student is necessary for him to make progress.