Faux finish on Xolotl Aztec statuettes

Variety of faux finishes on Xolotl Aztec statuettes

Left : forton and polished bronze. Center: forton and bronze, with polished black patina.
Right: forton and copper, with green oxide.

Statuettes of Xolotl, Quetzalcoatl’s twin brother; originally sculpted in plaster, they were then cast in Forton resin with the addition of bronze and copper powders and then edited.  A variety of faux-finishes were used on the pieces using precise patinas to oxidise the metal powders to give them their distinct and unique look. 6”x 6”x 11” in size.
Private collection.

faux-finishes on Aztec Xolotl statues

Left : forton and polished copper. Right: polyester resin
and transparent green to achieve a jade faux finish.

Aztec statue made with Forton and weathered copper, with green  patina

Forton and weathered copper, with green patina.