York television commercial faux fini

Creations Jean Pronovost were ask to be set dresser and decorator for the set of York’s English chocolate company new commercial. The commercial was inspired by the American series Game of thrones.

Indeed, false ice were carved and molded and then applied to a throne that was latter on painted with patina. A faux finish of stone with a special concrete and patina also had to be created from scratch on a stage with a convincing texture of ancient stones.

Here are some sreenshots of the commercial.

In this photo we see the throne on which was added several ice stalactite resin made previously in the workshop, the throne is also weathered with patina to have an aged appearance.

Here we see a chandelier on which were placed several ice stalactites carved in the workshop, the false ice was applied so that it looks natural.

the faux finish of stone was made on several elements of the set like this stage. Creations Jean Pronovost executed this faux finish of stone using thin and very strong cement and then several patinas were painted to create a convincing illusion.