Airbrush custom painting on moto – Joker design – Custom airbrush Montreal

Airbrush personnalisé sur moto - design Joker - Airbrush moto Montréal

Airbrush Joker moto Montréal

Here we see the tank of the RC-51 with the first step of the Heath Ledger’s portrait. Artist Jean Pronovost painted all the emotion of the Joker’s face with airbrush. We can appreciate the details of the facial expression and hair which were painted with extreme care.

Moto custom airbrush Montreal - Joker

On this picture, the explosions and fire start to take shape on the tank and the back part of the bike. The fire’s colors were painted using airbrush and will add to the blueish hue on the remaining of the bike. The same drawing was reproduced on the other side of the bike.

Moto Joker airbrush Montreal - Custom airbrush Montreal

All the motorcycle’s parts were painted with aibrush. The tank and other parts are ready to be varnished. We can see the details and the final colors, the twisted metal and explosions flying in the air and add to the composition.

The tank and the back part re now varnished. We can appreciate the complexity of the airbrush work, the face of the Joker, explosions and Gotham burning in the distance.

Moto airbrush Montreal

Here’s the complete fairing. It was varnished and we can see the whole composition done with airbrush. The laugh of the Joker, the destruction of the city and the rest of details complete the apocalyptic scene.

Moto airbrush Montreal

Jean Pronovost was invited at MATV to talk about airbrush and to show this outstanding project to viewers. We see here the motorcycle right before Jean Pronovost’s interview. It will be broadcasted in march 2014.

Moto airbrush Montreal

The motorcycle painted with airbrush by Jean Pronovost is now on the set of MATV. It created a great reaction on the set. La moto peinte au airbrush par Jean Pronovost est maintenant sur le Plateau de tournage de MA TV. Elle a créé tout une réaction sur le plateau.

Moto airbrush Montreal

We see the motorcycle in details. We can appreciate the finish of Jean Pronovost’s work.