Airbrush portraits on a motorcycle tank

Jean Pronovost creations have carried out this superb airbrush project on the chopper here. Indeed, it was a question of making a very realistic family portrait; the 5 young children were to be painted on the motorcycle’s gas tank and rear fender. the customer would then be able to bring symbolically his family in his future trips.

presentation airbrush-canada

One can admire here the Harley custom chopper which was painted with airbrush by Jean Pronovost. The end result is really surprising and all the details are there…

moto airbrush

The overall look of the chopper is really well put together, the portraits blend very well with the rest of the paint on the bike.

quebec airbrush

We see the portraits painted here in more detail and we can appreciate all the artistic work that has been done; we also notice the human warmth that emanates from the work, as if the children were smiling at us.

custom airbush

We can appreciate here the even more beautiful and deep colors with the varnish, the details of this portrait are all finished with attention and finesse, the rear wing completes the scene well.

montreal airbrush

Here the portraits carried out with the airbrush are finished, the expression of each of the children is so faithful that one recognizes the own character of each one, the subtleties and the variances of tones of colors of their skin was painted with dexterity with the airbrush. We also notice the composition with which the portraits have all been united in the same whole that emanates from the sacred heart, symbol of love.


In this photo we can see that the process is well advanced, the portraits painted with the airbrush are practically finished, the sacred heart from which they emanate begins to take shape, the composition was created by the artist who thought of integrate this symbol to illustrate the sacred and luminous love that a grandfather has for his young children. At this step there still are colors to add up so that the heart takes on all its vitality.

airbrush motorcycle

In this photo we can appreciate all the details of the portrait of the child painted with airbrush on the customer’s bike, nothing was left to chance and each of the features of the child were painted so that it is not only recognizable, but was painted hyper-realistically with airbrush. Jean Pronovost continues, even after 25 years, to paint with the same passion.

airbrush portrait