Airbrush mural with an aquatic theme

Murale aquatique au airbrush

Mural with an aquatic theme, this piece was completed in 2006 in a Montreal workshop for Le Manoir de Neuville, located near Quebec City. The mural was airbrushed on an 8’x 12’ canvas, then transported and hung in the Manoir, adding depth to the cave like set-up already in place. Several other murals were also done in the bar to complete the environment.

Murale fond marin réalisé au airbrush

Seabed airbrush mural with sirens

Sirènes et fond marin peint au airbrush

Airbrush mural with sea turtle

Airbrush mural with sea turtle

Murale au airbrush en cours

Airbrush mural work in progress

Plafond avec sirène peint au airbrush (aérographe)

Decorative mural with an aquatic theme surrounded by faux finish

Murale et relief

Décoration des colonnes et murale aquatique

Artiste airbrush Jean Pronovost

Montreal muralist airbrush painter artist Jean Pronovost in front of a mural with his airbrush