Airbrush murals

Murale peinte au airbrush

This mural was created in 2003 and is located in the conference room of Patrick Labbé’s artist camp in Quebec City. It was a large scale project involving a number of murals which were created for the organisation’s offices.

Première étape de airbrush

First step of the mural project representing a medieval landscape. The sketch, made with an airbrush technique, determines the shape, constrasts and depths of the landscape.

Deuxiàme étape de peinture au airbrush

The second step enhances the contrasts and reveals a first coat of colours. Blacks and whites become more definite, fog is added on different layers, and green and blue photographings bring the sketch to life.

Murale au airbrush de style médiéval

The third and last step consists in equalizing the different layers with a brush by detailing the elements and by accentuating the light effect in order to give the landscape a natural and appealing effect.

Chute et peinte au airbrush

Mural (conference room) faux-marble paint, faux-wood.

Travail de peinture au airbrush en cours

Work in progress, conference room.

Jungle au airbrush

Jungle airbrush mural

Murale peintre au airbrush représentant une rivière

Airbrush mural and faux-wood finish in the meeting room

Travail de murale en cours

Airbrush mural work in progress, meeting room.