Aquatic Mural

This amazing aquatic mural full of bright colors was airbrushed in the summer of 2023, it was in every way a superb artistic project. Indeed, the mural designed by the artist Jean Pronovost represents a seabed full of corals where two dolphins are having fun, it was painted on an exterior wall made out of metal panel measuring 20 feet wide by 15 feet high covering a building serving as a reception area for a municipal swimming pool. Les Créations Jean Pronovost has specialized in artistic murals for more than 25 years and are proud to have been associated with this major artistic revitalization project.

We see here the finished airbrush mural; we can appreciate the movement of the dolphins and their jovial expression as well as all the details and colors of the corals. Before painting the mural, the artist had to create a mock-up from scratch, which was then approved. The choice of the image had to have as an aquatic and sea thematic because it was going to be painted on a building paired with a municipal swimming pool. It was carried out in about ten working days by the painter Jean Pronovost who can be seen below in front of the exterior mural working.

The painter Jean Pronovost is here painting the mural with airbrush, he had to work for several days in the sun on the scaffolds to achieve this colorful work which will now bring happiness and astonishment to all citizens.