Charlie Chaplin mural

Murale Charlie Chaplin

This fresco was an order from Loto-Quebec for the embellishment of their bicycle park. Hence, the thematic needed to follow this concept. The scale model of the mural was composed of many elements like the large bicycle, its origin and Charlie Chaplin with his usual rascally look. Everything was disposed in a beautiful rustic ambiance. The objective was to brighten up a concrete basement. The conception, model and painting were done by Jean Pronovost.

Once the model was accepted, the mural was executed using airbrush directly on a gyps wall measuring 14 by 8 foots. Two layer of varnish were disposed so the mural could be protected and washed.

Murales Charle Chaplin dans le stationnement de Loto-Québec

Charlie Chaplin mural in the bicycle park