Gold’s gym airbrush mural Montreal

Gold’s gym is a 50 000 square feet specialized training space. They contacted Creations Jean Pronovost for the interior desing of their entrance and their training rooms like the pool and the boxing space. The corporate logo was also customized by the artist.

Airbrush painted mural for Gold's Gym Montreal

Here’s a picture of Rosemere’s Gold’s Gym entrance. The huge mural on the wall was done using airbrush by Jean Pronovost on a 25×10 feet canvas. It was painted in his workshop and placed in the entrance of this gym counting more than 5000 members.

The thematic of the mural was a californian beach landspace where the company was born 50 years ago. The good vibes provided by physical activity is symbolized by this relaxing sunset and the paml trees in the foreground. The letterings was removed to set the mural and then added, which provide an interesting depth to the logo.

The creativity of this mural never stopped drawing interest and fascination since it was added to the entrance; an important point for the image of the company and our reputation.

Mural workshop Montreal

Here is the mural in the workshop. It’s now finished and ready to be delivered to our client. This required a week of work using airbrush.

We can appreciate the sky’s vivid colors and its realism. The warm and relaxing shades are inviting for anyone going through the entrance. The palm trees are also very photorealistic. We can also see the lifeguard’s cabin, painted in chiaroscuro just like the palmtrees, which adds perpsective to the mural.

Work in progress of airbrush mural in Montreal Quebec Canada

We can see the mural at an intermediary step, the last details for the sky is finished and the first palm tree is coming into shape. Everything was done using airbrush.

Airbrush mural swimming pool

We can see on this picture the pool located inside Gold’s Gym. It was painted by Creations Jean Pronovost.

The mission for this mural was to transform the pool in something less stern, and more inviting, colorful, full of life and deep. A coastal lanscape, a sunset and palm trees, reminding the californian’s origins of Gold’s Gym, were chosen. The mural was done directly on the concrete surface and is permanent thanks to a painting system effective for the outside as well as the inside.

Airbrush mural swimming pool

Here we see the boxing gym which was decorated by a simpler mural done using airbrush. The desired effect, a boxing glove smashing a brick wall, really pleased the boxers who were previously training in a boring room.

Gold's Gym

Here’s the customized Gold’s Gym logo by Creations Jean Pronovost. It was added at the entrance of the gym and offers longevity for the colors and a texture vinyl doesn’t have. Airbrush is the perfect tool to personalize your project with great quality for the details and for the lifespan.