Mural representing boxers at the Super Six Championship

Mural creation Montreal

This mural was a commission from a boxing club of Montreal. It represents the “Super Six” boxers throughout a world championship. The first step for the realization of this mural was to superpose the various tones of blues in transparency to amplify the depth of field effect. To this end, Jean Pronovost used airbrush painting, an essential tool for this type of project. The techniques mastered for more than 17 years by Jean Pronovost enable him to bring out volumes with a better definition.

Boxeers airbrush mural painted by Montreal artist Jean Pronovost

On this picture we can see the evolution of the mural and the technique in the darkening in transparency phase. You can observe the shades of blues which are now more smoothed and gives the mural its lightness. The figures are well-defined and the volumes more blazing. This has for consequence to bring out the density of the boxers. Airbrush provides an infinite variation of effects and shades. Jean Pronovost developed his own techniques during the last few years. This opened him an infinite array of realizations.

Airbrush painted mural - World boxing classic - painted by Montreal artist Jean Pronovost

During the final finishing step, the application of black and white gives the final touch to the mural. The contrasts chosen amplify the wanted effect of the painter and provide a perfect final result. The lettering selection finalized the mural. It is interesting to observe how the title seems like it’s leaving the surface and reaching us. The depth of field is thus reached and gives to the composition a surprising realism.

The Montreal airbrush artist Jean Pronovost in front of the boxing champions’ mural.

The airbrush artist Jean Pronovost in front of the boxing champions’ mural.