Assyrian low relief sculpture reproduction – Sculpture and molding Montreal

Sculpture bas relief assyrien

« Les créations Jean Pronovost » are also specialized in grand scale reproduction of ancient civilisations sculptures and reliefs.

This low relief sculpture is of Assyrian inspiration. It originally comes from the Ashurrnasirpal II palace, Nimrud, around 860 BC. The relief represents two Eagles deities named Nisroch. They feed the sacred tree and respectfully harvest its fruits.

This low relief was entirely reproduced from photos taken at the Metropolitain Museum in New-York.

Reproduction de sculpture assyrienne réalisée par l'artiste montréalais Jean Pronovost

Detail from the low relief sculpture sculpted by Montreal painter and sculptor artist Jean Pronovost.

Sculpture en bas relief d’inspiration assyrienne

Assyrian inspired low relief sculpture

L'artiste peintre et sculpteur québécois Jean Pronovost devant sa reproduction de sculpture bas-relief assyrien.

Montreal painter and sculptor artist Jean Pronovost in from of his assyrian sculpture reproduction.

La sculpture fût d'abords réalisée à plus petit échelle puis agrandi grâce à la technique de moulage avancé

The sculpture was first done in a smaller scale than enlarged with the an advanced molding technique.

Sculpture bas-relief réalisé à Montréal

Assyrian low relief sculpture reproduction

La reproduction de sculpture assyrienne dans le contexte d'un tryptique inspiré de l'art d'anciennes civilisations.

Assyrian sculpture reproduction in a triptych inspired by ancient civilizations art.