Blue whale bones molding – Sculpture and molding in Montreal

Moulage d'ossements de baleine - sculpture et moulage Montréal

Here is a neckbone from a blue whale and its resin replica made from a mold by Montreal sculptor Jean Pronovost.

Moulage des vertèbres dorsales d’une baleine bleue

Here are the dorsal vertebrae of a blue whale. The one in front is the original, the other a replica from a mold. The mold and the replica were made by sculptor Jean Pronovost. The complexity of the shapes and the thinness of the piece needed metal and fibreglass strengthening.

Moulage Montréal

This gigantic rorqual vertebra in the front was molded and reproduced in resin as we can see on the back. The molded piece is similar to the original, and can then be sheened for a natural aspect.

Les Créations Jean Pronovost sont spécialisés en sculpture et peuvent réaliser des moulages de tout objet ou formes

Here we can see two vertebrae from the original rorqual and two molded editions in the back. Créations Jean Pronovost are specialized in sculpture and can make molds from any objects or shape for creative or anatomical purposes.