Colossal sculpture of 15 feet high for the set of Les dieux de la danse, new TV show produced by Radio Canada.

Creations Jean Pronovost has create a sculpture 15 feet high for the set of the new emissions produced by Radio Canada, Les dieux de la danse. 24 celebrities will compete to win the sculpture which is the grand prize.

The colossal sculpture 15 feet tall is the largest sculpted accessory ever created for a Radio-Canada. Creations Jean Pronovost which specializes in sculpture and mural completed the challenge in a month and a half.

The Jupiter of Smyrna is a Roman sculpture exposed in the Louvre, it has served as a model for the completion of this sculptural work, which was created with restrictions such as lightness to facilitate such movement and also its hardness to withstand the shock. It was sculpted from modeling techniques and direct carving.

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here is the sculpture done by Creations Jean Pronovost on the left of the set of Les dieux de la danse.

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Jean Pronovost is here next to the sculpture in process, while the lower body is now complete, leaving only the head and right arm to be sculpted, this technical challenge has been achieved in record time of one month and half with waterproof and incombustible materials.

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Jean Pronovost and his assistant Lionel Videau poses in front of Jupiter completed sculpture that will become the attraction of the show Les dieux de la dance in 2015-2016 presented on Radio-Canada.

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The colossal sculpture created by jean creations Pronovost stand here on the plateau of Les dieux de la dance at Radio-Canada. 67- Here are some pictures of the sculpture on the set of Les dieux de la dance with the artists.

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