Low relief sculpture for Fraser Bridge

This exceptional sculpture project is a low relief accomplished for the Simon Fraser bridge in Prince George, BC, Canada. This sculpture measuring 70×200 cm was done in the vision of the scene presenting Simon Fraser and an Indian chief granting him navigating access on the river. Once the relief was finished, two molds were made so they could be used for different impressions on the bridge parapet. Those frames were done in silicon for flexibility purpose and permanence. The silicon molds were then sent to British Columbia.

Sculpture bas-relief en production

Here we see the production of the low relief. Substraction was one of the techniques employed for this sculpture. Each project necessitates a particular technique.

Sculpture bas-relief

The low relief is now finished and ready to be molded into silicon so to be reproduced on the Simon Fraser bridge in British Columbia.

Sculpture en bas-relief et les deux moules en silicone

We see on this picture the low relief sculture surrounded by the silicon molds. The molds took all the details from the relief and were made to avoid any imperfection.

Sculpture en bas-relief et les deux moules en silicone

We now see the detail of the silicon mold. The face of the native is in negative. The mold can be used several time without any drop in quality.

Plan du pont Fraiser avec bas-relief

The bridge not yet finished, this model gives a good idea of the final result. The low relief sculptures will be multiplied on each side of the bridge.