Reproduction of the famous Atlantes de Tula, 3.30 meters high

The Atlantes de Tula here has been reproduced and sculpted by the creations of Jean Pronovost workshop, This Mexican iconic sculpture was created by the Toltec’s between 8 th and 11 th century AD.

With a height of 4.60 meters, the Atlantes sculpture stood on top of Temple Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the god Quetzalcoatl as the planet Venus. Tollan, later named Tula saw the birth of a myth, the myth of Quetzalcoatl. The feathered serpent God myth spread thereafter throughout Mesoamerica.

This clay reproduction have a height of 3.30 meters and took more than a month of work and a multitude of research for the exact dimensions to seize all the details accurately. This is how this iconic Columbian sculpture could be achieved.

Here is the first completed edition of the Tula Atlantean, the sculpture made by Jean Pronovost is now installed on a concrete slab, it has been painted with different patinas. The sculpture  will even be able to spend the winter outside because the resin of which it is constitutedwill resist the winter.

Here is a close-up of the sculpture

The sculpture is in the finishing stage, the clay that has been carved by jean Pronovost will have to be mold and then cast into a more resistant material like resin.

The sculpture of the clay required 3 weeks of work and much research to have an exact plan of the original Toltec.

This photo shows the first resin edition of the sculpture, it was made in two parts to facilitate transport. The next step will be the patina that will give it its realism as the first two picture at the top.

Here is some pictures of the beginning of the sculpting process.

Sculpting this Atlantes started by the successive application of clay in very large quantity, measures have been taken to counteract gravity while the weight becomes increasingly important, the clay modeling continues by taking always on new measures.

The sculpture of the Atlantes de Tula quietly set with volumes, comes the important elements in the round and sculpture goes full swing, modeling clay technique evolve to carve down the clay.

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The Toltec face begins to take shape, coarse traits defines sculpted forms of his face. His helmet adorned with feather begins to appear.

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Reproduction of the Atlantes de Tula goes well underway, volumes and proportions are established, the details have now to be sculpt and shape.

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In this photo, the Atlantes de Tula practically have all his details, there are only the feet to finish and stone texture must display on the sculpture.

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Reproduction of 3.30 meters from the pre-Columbian sculpture is almost complete,

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We see here the details of the Venus calendar and the carved snakes on these sandals.

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The Atlantes de Tula is almost complete; the texture on the entire sculpture is done, in honor of this great builder nation of the past, over a thousand years after its creation.

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One can enjoy in this picture the reproduction of the face of the Atlantes with the final texture.

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Here is the bust of the Atlantes de Tula, with three-quarter view final texture.

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An assistant is doing some touch up on the Toltec sculpture.

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Jean Pronovost standing in front of the reproduction of the Atlantes de Tula, mid way in time in this large-scale project.

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the mold process of the sculpture of the Atlantes deTula, several days and< a lot of materials were only required for the completion of the mold. With this mold, copies can be edited.

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Jean Pronovost on the Quetzalcoatl pyramid in 2002, far from imagining that one day i will do a reproduction of this masterpiece.