Sabertooth tiger skull

Saber tooth tiger skull - Sculpture and molding Montreal

This is a reproduction a sabertooth tiger’s skull made from a copy provided by Laval University. This reproduction was molded and sculpted for a private collection and for a second copy for students in biology. The original was molded by Quebec sculptor Jean Pronovost who took a lot of cares to create an exact copy with all the details of this mammal who lived 42 million years until 11 000 years ago.

Tiger skull - saber tooth tiger skull - Sculpture, sculpture, molding, Montreal

A picture of the profile of Smilodon’s skull is now taken. We can this the steel stand was welded to stabilize the skull. A detachable system was created to open and close the mouth of this friendly animal. The molding of the creature made by sculptor Jean Pronovost was so realistic, the 20 centimeters long teeth are still sharp.

Tiger skull - saber tooth tiger skull - Molding sculpting, sculpture, Montreal

The front part of the sabertooth tiger’s skull shows the exuberant teething of this long gone feline. The team of sculptors of Creation Jean Pronovost are specialized, as we can see with this project, not only in sculpture, but also reproduction of museum artefact, be it animal of from ancient civilization.