Sculpture and painting of the eyes for Mosaïcultures Internationale de Montréal

Jean Pronovost - Mosaiculture de Montreal

Here’s artist Jean Pronovost in front of The Man Who Planted Trees, a scultural installation inspired by the work of Frederic Back. The artist sculpted, molded and painted the dog’s, sheeps’ and horses’ eyes using airbrush. They were important part of this magnificent scene.

Sculpture Montreal

Here’s one of the frogs before the grand opening. Only the eyes are missing.

Montreal Sculpture - Jean Pronovost, Mosaiculture, Montreal

Now the same frog during the installation of the eyes, freshly painted with airbrush and varnished to protect them from rainstorms and to give them a realistic shine.

Eyes sculpture Montréal, Jean Pronovost

Artist Jean Pronovost during the eyes’ installation.

Jean Pronovost, sculpteur Montréal - sculptor Montreal

Jean Pronovost is installing the eyes on another frog. It can now see its new environment. Note that the eyes are very different from one another; they all have their own color and texture.

Jean Pronovost, sculpture, Montreal

The installation of the sculpted eyes and painted with airbrush by the artist are nearly completed. Everything will be ready for the grand opening.

Frog, grenouille, Mosaiculture

Here’s one of the finished frog during the opening of the event. The eyes painted with airbrush sparkle with the lively colors and organic textures.

Of the frogs during the opening of the vent at the International Mosaiculture of Montreal at the Botanical Garden.

Grenouille Mosaiculture

Here’s 3 of the 4 frogs in their environment. The frogs’ eyes were a challenge for the company has they had to reproduce of organic complexity of those very elaborate eyes.

Monkey Mosaiculture, Montreal

Here’s 2 gorillas in a bamboo forest. The eyes underlines the excellent sculptural composition and the surrounding plants. Jean Pronovost, according to the planners of the event, gave a soul to the sculptures which now look alive.

Mosaiculture Montreal

Mother Earth is the theme of this elaborate sculptural installation. A young deer is put in the left hand of Gaia. A waterfall sparks from her right hand on which an eagle is perched. Several horses run behind, adding to this spectacular scene.

Jean Pronovost sculpted and painted the eyes of the deers and the horses accompanying Mother Nature who cares for them. The artist was honored to have participated in the creation of those sculptures.

Mosaiculture Montreal

The artist in front of the Mother Earth installation before the installation of the eyes.

Monkey Mosaiculture, Singe

Jean Pronovost painted with airbrush the eyes of this superb chimp, adding a soul and even human emotions.

This other chimp, hanging from a tree, is as surprised as us when we discover it for the first time at the Botanical Garden. The astonishment in his gaze leaves us speechless.

Yeux poisson

This aquatic scene animated with plants from the undersea universe evoke Nemo swimming among the corals. Its red and luminescent eyes add to the credibility of this fantastic scene.


Cernunos, an ancient celtic god, was here reproduced with genius. He holds a mythical snake in its left hand. The snake’s eyes were painted with airbrush by artist Jean Pronovost.

Eyes scupture

We can see the eyes of the mythical snake painted with airbrush and appreciate the metallic effect and texture of the eyes.


Jean Pronovost in front of the work before the public exhibition.

Eyes, workshop, atelier, yeux, sculpture Montreal

Here’s the eyes in the workshop; sculpted, molded, painted with airbrush and varnished. They will be the soul’s windows of the lemurs, deers, rams and the dog beside the Man Who Planted Trees.

Yeux sculpture Montreal

We can see the 4 pairs of eyes which will be added to the 4 frogs created in Atlanta. Those eyes were a technical challenge due to the organic metallic effects and textures which were very elaborated.