Sculpture for Cirque du Soleil – Sculpture Montreal

Cirque du Soleil resquested help from Quebec sculptor Jean Pronovost to create elements of the scenery for their next show about the life of Micheal Jackson in Las Vegas. The mandated of this sculptural project was to create 13 matrixes representing cameras and televisions from various era to show the different life moments of Micheal Jackson. They had to be on a much bigger scale than the real ones by sculptor Jean Pronovost and his team since screens would then be added to project videos of the life of the pop icon. The 13 matrixes had to be sculpted, modeled and then casted as to create multiple copies of each of them in a flexible and light material. Around fifty copies were made to be added to the fantastic set of the most renowned circus next show.

Sculpture low relief - Sculpture Montreal

This camera was sculpted on a bigger scale by Montreal sculptor Jean Pronovost. The modeling is finished a this step and ready to be casted. The sculpture was made following the demands of the Circus as to follow height and size. We can see that the bas-relief has only 1 inch of thickness, but the perspective creates a trompe-l’oeil. This effect is necessary as to create an illusion of realism so the public believes it’s really in 3D.

Molding, low relief sculpture - Sculptor Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Here’s another camera. 13 matrixes were made by sculptor Jean Pronovost and his team of sculptosr. We can see the effect of perspective of this haut-relief. From afar, this illusion will create a convincing effect of sculpture in the round.

Molding, Montreal

On this picture we can see two molds and the copies which will be made from them. Each of the copies was made using a light and flexible material which will then be painted using the colours of the real televisions and cameras. Around fifty copies were made by Créations Jean Pronovost’s team of Montreal sculptors.

Sculpture, molding, Montreal

Those are the copies and the cast of another model of camera created by sculptor Jean Pronovost.

Jean Pronovost, sculptor artist Montreal, Quebec, Canada

On this picture we see sculptor Jean Pronovost posing in front of the copies and the mold used to make this sculptural project for the new show by the Cirque du Soleil. This complex project was made in a short timeframe of 3 months.

Molding, sculpting, Montreal, Sculpture Montreal

We now have here two copies of televisions sculpted by Jean Pronovost. We also see the two massive molds used to make them. Using those molds was a technical feat since the weight and the setting time of the material used for the cast added to the difficulty. But the 20 years of experience of Jean Pronovost helped solving the technicall challenges to achieve this bigger than life project.