Sumerian Props sculpture for ART OF MORE Sony American TV show

Creations Jean Pronovost have made a series of Sumerian sculpture reproductions for the American television series produced by Sony, The Art Of More, exposing the crimes and intrigues of a prestigious auction house in New York, antiques Sumerian stolen are sold through the black market.

Art of more

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here on this screen shot capture of THE ART OF MORE television serie. Five Sumerian sculptures that have sculpted by Jean Pronovost to serve as an accessory on the set of the American series.

Here is the bust of a sumerian king which was carved out of clay by Jean Pronovost for the televised series, the sculptor then molded it and cast it in resin to satisfy the requirements of lightness and permanence.

Here is the sculpture in three quarters, one can notice the cracks and the breaks that add to the ancient character of the sculpture.

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here is the bust of a ram inspired by a Sumerian sculpture, Creations Jean Pronovost sculpted and carved an original sculpture which was molded, and here we see it out of the mold, it has just received a primer, paint and faux finish will then be added to give the effect of an ancient piece of over 4000 years.

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Sumerian bust inspired by rams is finish now, a multitude of painting step was added to complete the faux finish; it gave him a realistic and antique finish.

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Here is a stunning reproduction of an anthropomorphic Sumerian mask; the original sculpture of 2500 BC was painted copper. Creations Jean Pronovost took great pleasure to reproduce this piece. We see in this picture the attention that has been given to sculpted forms and faux finished, so the patina of oxidized copper is even more convincing.

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we see here the full series of reproduction of ancient Sumerian art, conducted for the American television series. Art of More, produced by Sony.