Parthenon greek mural

Murale qui représente l'oracle de Delphes, en Grèce, réalisée au airbrush par l'artiste montréalais Jean Pronovost

This fresco was realized for the restaurant “Les cousins grecs”. The mural was painted with an airbrush on a 16 x 6 foots canvas.  The canvas was smeared with primer beforehand so the paint could have a better adhesion.  Once finished, the mural was rolled, carried and fixed on the wall of the restaurant.  A permanent varnish was layered and a set of moldings were installed to give a prestigious appearance to the mural.

There are many advantages to opt for a mural painted on a canvas.  One of them is the fact that it can be displaced if the owners need to move their business.  Another advantage is that a mural painted in a workshop avoids the disturbance of hearing the noise of the airbrush compressor during many days as well as having to clean the particles of dry paint.

Murale Parthénon peinte au airbrush