Airbrush painting is a technique which few artists master as well as Jean Pronovost. His broad experience using airbrush on murals, frescos, decoration design inside swimming pool and on a multitude of materials over the years has made him a versatile and skilled airbrush artist, his works always surprising in their attention to detail and realism.

Iron Maiden motorcycle helmet

This airbrush project was a challenge due to the details. The cover of the Iron Maiden’s album The Number of the Beast had to be faithfully reproduced. We can appreciate all the details and complexity of the work done with airbrush on this german helmet. The client, a fan of…

Airbrush painting

Here is an airbrush painting that was made with students in a airbrush course, this painting was painted by Jean Pronovost in airbrush with a painting by Luis Royo as a model that the student had chosen to learn advanced airbrush techniques. Here we see the painting done with airbrush…

Royo airbrush reproduction (women portrait) Montreal

Montreal artist Jean Pronovost, during an airbrush class for two of his students, perfectly reproduced this work by the famous Spanish painter Luis Royo entitled “Sodom’Princess”. This performance was entirely executed using airbrush. Jean Pronovost demonstrates in this advanced portrait class his absolute mastery of airbrush painting. The teaching of…

Airbrush on a truck

The airbrush on this truck was made by Montreal painter and sculptor Jean Pronovost during the TV show Trucs et Cie hosted by Josee Turmel and Alain Dumas (Canal V). He did the airbrush live during the show. You can see the broadcast by watching the video on the presentation…

Body painting realized with an airbrush in Montreal

This model’s body was painted using airbrush by Quebec artist Jean Pronovost during an artistic event in Montreal. Jean Pronovost is a specialist of airbrush who also do bodypainting during cultural event. He also did one in New York for Bacardi Rum in a very popular bar. We now see…

Custom airbrush painting on a wakeboard

This is a very original 60th anniversary gift. The son-in-law of the man pictured on the wakeboard offered him this gift. Unbeknownst to him, his son-in-law chose a photo and asked Quebec painter Jean Pronovost to paint him using airbrush on a wakeboard, his favourite sport. We see on the…

Airbrush on guitar Montreal – Colts

The Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which offers the Colt branded cigars, requested the help of the painter Jean Pronovost to paint two guitars using airbrush for a musical contest. The artist had to recreate the logo of the company on both guitars and varnish them.

Airbrush car

The hood of this car was painted with an airbrush. The vampire head literally comes out the vehicle as if the metal structure morphs into a drapery.

Airbrush customized prosthesis

Here is a special contract. Indeed, it is the phoenix rising from the ashes to decorate a prosthesis. This symbol of resurrection is painted by airbrush in a contrasting and bright way, many details have been finely painted to give the effect of this rich and colorful project. Here we…

Airbrush serie on boxing and ultimate fight well known figures

The East Montreal Boxing Club gave for the second time a huge airbrush assignment to Les Creations Jean Pronovost. This series of painting all achieve with the airbrush represent all the important figures of extreme fighting and boxing around the world. Here is the painter in front of his work.

Live airbrush painting of a knight in armor at Airbrush Magic 2008

Back from his second European exhibit, Jean Pronovost looks back to the results of this trip.  His journey begins in Dottikon, Argovia near Zurich.  The Swiss exhibit Airbrush Magic 2008, was presented on October 11th and 12th 2008.   Many important European figures of fantastic arts were exposed with the artist. …

Cobra snakes airbrushed on a Ford Mustang Rammer hood

1989 Ford Mustang; the Rammer hood was airbrushed in 2004 using House Of Kolor urethane paints and varnishes.  The cobra snakes, rendered in warm vibrant colours, weave in and out of the air vents and make this muscle car come alive and give it a truly unique and personal touch….

Airbrushed helmet made in Montreal

Trinacria, the symbol of Sicily. It means the Sicilian island in three points. This is the name the Greeks gave to Sicily, in the third millennium BC. JC. The contract is finished here photographed next to airbrush used in its execution, we can also see a further contract work in…

Airbrushed alpin skiing helmet

Aibrushed alpin skiing helmet, this job needed a lot of mask and precision cutting. On this picture, the air brush work is clear coated, it will be protected from weather and scratches and also re-polish in case of an accident without damaging the air brush design.

Airbrush on guitar – Montreal (custom guitar paint)

This guitar was the canvas for a painting done by airbrush. The composition of this painting was inspired by the cover of an album featuring the guitar player. The piece was realized with meticulous care for the details, aiming to bring out the cold shades. Therefore, the painting gains that…

Airbrushed Angra portrait

Airbrushed in 1999 on a 4’x 6’ canvas, this portrait of the Brazilian singer from the power metal band Angra was commissioned by a person from Quebec City. The hyperrealism achieved in this piece is so convincing it looks almost like a photograph.

Airbrushed backdrop for a tattoo convention

This airbrushed backdrop was created in 2000 on 6’x 8’ canvas and commissioned by Universal, a tattoo shop located in Ottawa. Hung in their booth during conventions, it was used to set themselves apart from other tattoo shops and to attract customers.  Having an original painting done by Les Creations…

Winter Landscape airbrush

Artwork from Jean Pronovost (Winter Landscape, 18″ X 18″, 1998), this piece combines airbrush and traditional painting techniques to bring out details and an impressive realism.

Airbrushed misty landscape

Ad Viam Æshma-Deva (39″ X 25″, 2001).  Created on canvas, using airbrush, this is a convincing, and hyperrealist piece from Jean Pronovost’s private collection.

Airbrush Prophecy

Prophecy (16″ X 16″, 1999) is a painting which illustrates perfectly the effect which can be achieved by the blending of oil paints and airbrush.  Jean Provonost’s rendering and attention to detail in this piece as well as the transparency and play of light, illustrate his immense talent and his…

Rage airbrushed leather coat

Hyper realistic rendering of an album cover of the band Rage, this was airbrushed on a leather coat 1998 for a Quebec City customer. The attention to detail, the contrast between warm and cold colours creates a life-like image you could almost reach out and touch.

Megadeth airbrushed leather jacket

Reproduction of a poster of the heavy metal band Megadeth, this piece was airbrushed in 1997 on a leather coat for a customer from Quebec City. The faithful reproduction of any image, whether it be derived from a photograph, an illustration or a painting is definitely one of Jean Pronovost’s…

Airbrush painting on recycling containers

Airbrush painting on 40 yards containers for RCI Environnement, the most important recycling and garbage disposal enterprise in Quebec. To help increase the consciousness of the population toward recycling, three containers were painted using airbrush. Those sympathetic pieces encourage and entertain the recyclers during festivals. Here, we see Fred, the recycler….

Custom airbrushed bicycle Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Executed in Montreal, this painting project by Créations Jean Pronovost embellishes a carbon fiber race bicycle. The paint variety of House of Kolor provides the means to overlay several transparent layers. This technique gives a deep finish and brings out the scales with surprising realism. Such a project requires demanding…

Lightning strikes airbrushed on a bow

Lighting strikes airbrushed on a competition bow. The luminous and bluish lightings, done using airbrush, give the bow an unique personality. It could be Thor’s own weapon! A mat varnish was layered to satisfy the client taste, providing a superior durability. Airbrush design on sports equipment and any surfaces in…